However you choose to market your MSP services online, nearly all of it will lead back to your website. This is the first resource potential clients will check before deciding if they want to schedule a consultation or request a service appointment. Your website must give a powerful first impression. If it doesn’t, you don’t get a second chance.

Your website is the base from which prospects learn more about your services, look for testimonials from your current client-base, and read more in-depth resources about how your IT services are different from others in the area. Do it right, and it’s how you turn visits into leads and clients.

Your Website is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Unlike other types of advertising, your website is a permanent resource that you own. Every impression you generate in print, over the radio, or on television costs money. But when people find your website through search, you don’t pay a dime for that visit.

This makes your website an invaluable free marketing tool for your business. Available 24/7, it is the ultimate resource for prospects to learn more about your MSP services, ultimately leading to more sales.

What Problems Do MSP Websites Have?

If it’s been more than three to five years since your last website refresh, your site is long overdue for a makeover. Your design convinces potential prospects that your MSP services are trustworthy and reliable – a poorly designed website can seed doubts and make them worry about the quality of your services.

Another major factor is visibility. If you aren’t currently using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to increase that visibility and help people find your site, your website is about as useful as flyers in a rainstorm.

Generating traffic is the first step in building your customer base, so you want to keep people engaged. Those who enjoy interacting with your site will spend time on it, and the more time spent, the closer you are to a sale.

What Makes a Good MSP Website?

When a search is performed for managed service providers and IT support in your area, you want the results to show your business at the top of the list.

The more often people see your website show up in results, the more familiar they feel with it, and psychologically we trust the things we feel most familiar with. You need your site to stand out with engaging and interesting content.

To get there, a strong SEO campaign that generates links to your website and builds authority in the search engines is necessary. It can take time, but the benefits from a well-executed SEO campaign can be substantial.

MSP Content that Addresses Prospect Needs

Once someone finds your website, they need to be engaged. That means high quality website pages, press releases, video, presentations, blogs, social media posts, photos, and webinars. The content you publish should be relevant to the specific needs of your prospects – touching on common cyber security, backup, cloud migration, and general managed service issues that you know they have.

Photographs of your team at work and your office are a great way to build trust and showcase the heart of your business. Your blog can touch on changes in the industry, or news stories about recent cyber threats or new technologies available for small and mid-sized businesses. Press releases about new services or recent hires can let your prospects know that what you do is newsworthy and current.

A Strong Marketing Foundation for Your Business

Building a professional website is the first step every MSP should take when planning and launching an online marketing campaign. Your website should be fully optimized to address prospect needs and concerns and capture lead data. Do this and you’ll be able to better realize the ROI you want from your online marketing efforts.

There are several options when it comes to building that website. Evaluate what will work best for your business and choose one that fits your needs today.

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