Simplifying Digital Marketing For MSPs

MSP Marketing Mission

Marketers who work for managed services providers understand the value of digital marketing, but usually don’t have enough manpower in their organization or resources for full-scale online presence management.

Pronto Marketing offers a unique solution. Our MSP Marketing blog is regularly updated with useful guides and resources to help sales and marketing staff design and create effective digital marketing strategies. This blog is also a great place to stay up to date on the latest marketing trends, so stay tuned!


About Pronto Marketing

Pronto Marketing was built from the ground up with a single laser-like focus: to provide our small- and mid-size businesses with fully-managed websites and online marketing services. We don't require long-term contracts, and we don’t ask for long-term commitments. What this means is that each and every month we have to earn our business -- from each and every customer.

With over 1,300 active clients, our purpose still stands strong. Every day we serve small businesses across America and beyond. Our tools and services may evolve with the rapidly changing digital landscape, but one thing stays constant: our dedication to helping small businesses and professionals grow and nurture their online presence, so they can focus on growing their company and better serving their customers.

Meet Our Team


Derek Brown


Derek is Co-Founder of Pronto Marketing and Editor-in-Chief of Industrial Marketing Works. He worked as a Microsoft Director for over 13 years, specializing in the small business segment. Derek is an active speaker and community leader in entrepreneurship, start-ups, digital marketing, and more.


Cory Brown


Cory is responsible for the Research and Development of our platforms and software, as well as for business process engineering. He is an expert in customer satisfaction methodologies and driving customer-focused service cultures. Cory is also a renowned speaker on workplace culture, Agile and Kanban process methodologies, and customer service.


Tim Kelsey

Director of Client Marketing Services

As a marketing specialist, Tim works closely with our clients to help them build and strengthen their online presence through a wide range of digital marketing channels. He and his team are Google Certified experts who excel at helping small businesses get the most out of their digital marketing investments.